Igomgomogul - Websitebusiness/igomgoul.com suing me because of my complaints

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An attorney for websitebusiness.com/igomogul.com/exodusweb.com sent me a letter demanding that I sign a contract settlement with them.

This contract would obligate me to post a prepared statement by them saying that I defamed their "good" name and an apology. Which means I

forfeit the money I paid the company and admit to the world that I am a liar as well as dishonest, not them.

It also demands that I remove all negative comments made by me from any and all websites, blogs, forums and complaint boards.

Should I refuse they will sue me for falsely accusing them of fraud, misrepresentation, deceit, theft, predatory business practices, and

Breach of Contract.

Its ironic that my complaints were put on the net several years after several similar complaints, yet they are suing me for inflamatory

and inciteful actions which have caused them a significant loss of income.

The problem with my signing this contract is that even if I wanted to do so the number of people who have copied and re-posted my

complaint to other websites, blogs, forums and complaint boards have control over those so I could not remove them. This means that

immediately after signing the contract I would be in breach of contract, so they could file a new lawsuit against me.

As I stated before, companies like this know that their clients do not have the finances to hire a lawyer, as well as paying travel expenses

to Arizona for a legal battle, so they believe they can continue without consequences.

It is unlikely that the state and federal agencies will be taking action against websitebusiness.com/igomogul.com/exodusweb.com any time soon.

At this point it looks as if my husband and I will be taking out a second mortgage on our home to finance a defense. considering I am 54,

have a heart condition, high blood pressure, my husband has been un-employed for almost a year and his new job pays less than $25,000 a year,

I can honestly say it is likely that this is a mistake I will be paying for the rest of my life, litterally.

My family asked me if it was worth making so much out of this situation and I told them for me it was. If anyone read my complaints and

refused to give websitebusiness.com/igomogul.com/exodusweb.com their money then it was worth it.

Companies like this only work if people let them get away with the scam. I still maintain that if you have a complaint about them file with

IC3, FTC, Arizona Attorney General, Arizona Better Business Bureau, and your state Attorney General. Sooner of later it will make a


Review about: Website Scam.



This is a request that you please remove all of my comments about websitebusiness.com.I have

settled my differnces with them and am being issued a full refund.

I would not like these to

be posted anymore.Thank you.

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